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Evolution of 906 Warrior Relief Fund

In 2011 Sgt. Elizabeth (Liz) Mathie, several Army Reservist and family members in Marquette started the Warrior Relief Fund to help countywide military that endured a hardship while serving in a war. This Fund was designed to help these men and women immediately allowing, them to return to a point of normalcy. The funds were received through fundraisers and events such as: selling wrist bands, Memorial Day walkathon in Marquette and a golf outing at Red Fox Run in Gwinn.

In 2012 the fund raising continued and the American Legion Post 349 in Little Lake started a flag raising ceremony and the Sons of Post 349 started helping with Warrior Relief during the golf outing.

During the next several years the Warrior Relief Fund built a ramp for a handicapped veteran, donated two exercise bikes to Jacobetti (home for Veterans in Marquette), removed and replaced a window for a Vietnam Vet and provided monetary help for individuals in crisis, all while continuing to do fundraisers.

In 2014 Liz transferred out of the UP and the American Legion Post 349 was asked to take over the Warrior Relief Fund. In 2015 Post 349 made a decision to run this Fund as a separate entity and change the mission statement to: Provide assistance to Active Duty Military, Guard, Reserve and Veterans in time of crisis and extend the area to the central Upper Peninsula.

In 2015-2018 Fundraising really ramped up to assist us to help more Vets: Marquette Board of Light & Power, Trophy Central, Aubree’s Dine to Donate in Marquette, Up North Lodge take over the tap, Remies Bar Red Friday, The Throttle Bar Sled Night, Up North Lodge Poker Run, Up North Lodge Bike Night, The Throttle Bike Night, Community Days at Younkers, Outlanders Spread Some Goodness Day, and Anytime Fitness in Harvey had a Work Out for Warriors. Along this time we were able to donate a Blanket Warmer and a Therapy Machine to Jacobetti.

In 2018-2019 the Board of Directors for Warrior Relief decided to create a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization and separate the Warrior Relief from the American Legion Post 349. The organization was then renamed: 906 Warrior Relief Fund and the logo was changed to include the Upper Peninsula and the mission statement updated to: Provide assistance to Active Duty Military, Guard Reserve, and Veterans in time of crisis in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

2019-2022 Fundraising continued from: The Throttle Bar Bike Night/Sled Night, Outlanders Spread Some Goodness Day, Trophy Central, 44North employee casual day fundraiser, MJ VanDamme Trucking fundraisers as well as t-shirt sales.

2015-2022 The Annual Golf Outing has been a major contributor to our funding with too many sponsors to list here. We are very grateful for our golf sponsors continued support to help us help our veterans.

From 2015 to October 2022 the 906 Warrior Relief Fund has helped a total of 43 Active Duty/Guard/ Reserve/Veterans in the amount of $59,511.00. This is a 100% volunteer organization and 98% of all donations go to help Active/Guard/Reserve/Veterans in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 2% of the donations are for administrative requirements.